Tests & diagnoses

The set of tests required to make a proven, probably or possible diagnosis of a fungal infection or allergy is usually set out in the guidelines for that disease, and will depend on patient factors as well as local availability of laboratory and imaging facilities. Visit our dedicated imaging page for more information.

Generally multiple tests will be required because there are often many conditions in the differential diagnosis, and fungal infections may co-exists with other infections (e.g. influenza with aspergillosis) or diagnoses (e.g. bronchiectasis and aspergillosis). Certain fungal conditions may require specialist tests such as dermoscopy or skin testing for endemic mycoses.

Zhu et al have published a paper on importance of molecular testing for fungal infection detection.

You can find out more about the main diagnostic steps for fungal infections here.

For information on detecting antifungal resistance click here.

Different tests

The tests that should be done on different samples, depends on the disease being considered. 

guide on to how to process different samples can be viewed here.

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