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Mycology reference laboratories perform several important functions (Kidd et al, 2015):

  • Carry out tests that may not be available at local microbiology labs
  • Organise training and courses
  • Provide advice to other laboratories
  • Develop and validate new tests
  • Support QA/QC programmes
  • Maintain culture collections
  • Monitor emerging pathogens and antifungal resistance


In the UK, please consult the lab’s website to find NHS and private prices.

Mycology Reference Centre Manchester (MRCM)UK (Manchester, part of MFT)Website & @MycologyRefManc
Mycology Reference Laboratory & National Collection of Pathogenic FungiUK (Bristol, PHE South West Laboratory)Handbook and referral forms
Mycology Reference UnitUK (Cardiff, University Hospital of Wales)Website
National Reference Center for Invasive Mycoses and AntifungalsFrance (Paris)Website
Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity InstituteNetherlands (Utrecht)Website & @MedMycol
National Reference Center for MycosisBelgium (Leuven)Website
Read about their work on beta-D-glucan testing
Mycology Laboratory at Statens Serum InstitutDenmark (Copenhagen)Website
Mycology Reference LaboratorySpain (Madrid)Website
National Reference Laboratory for Medical MycologySerbia (University of Belgrade)LinkedIn


MiraVista DiagnosticsUSA (Indianapolis)Website
Mycological Reference Laboratory, Medical and Experimental Mycology UnitColombia (Medellin, Corporación para Investigaciones Biológicas)Website
Diagnostic Laboratory HubGuatemala (Guatemala City, Hospital General San Juan de Dios)Website
Read a paper (Samayoa et al, 2020) about the lab’s work on histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis
Laboratory of Parasitology-Mycology, Andrée Rosemon HospitalFrench Guiana (Cayenne)Website
Read a GAFFI blog post about the lab’s role in reducing deaths from disseminated histoplasmosis

Asia & Australasia

Guangzhou Centre for Fungal DiagnosticsChina (Guangzhou)Website
National Mycology Reference CentreAustralia (Adelaide)Website or / @thefunguskidd
Clinical Mycology Reference LaboratoryAustralia (Sydney)Website
Mycology Reference LaboratoryNew Zealand (Auckland)Website
Advanced Molecular and Diagnostic Research Centre for FungiIndia (Odisha)Website


Mycetoma Reference CentreSudan (Khartoum)Twitter @MycetomaRC, YouTube or website
Includes biobank and village outreach service
South African National Mycology Reference LaboratorySouth Africa (Johannesberg, The National Institute for Communicable Diseases)Website
Pathology Reference LaboratoryUganda (Kampala, Makerere University)Website

Culture collections

Reference strains with accompanying genome sequences are becoming increasingly important part of carrying out the research that underpins improvements in clinical practice. This is particularly true for measuring the activity of new antifungals (or resistance to existing ones), where it is vital to reflect the diversity seen among clinical isolates. A list of smaller culture collections is available at

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